Have you ever wondered how to dress well?

Have you ever wondered how to dress well?

1. One of the tips that we give you at Clique Menswear is that you know your brands.

Sure, not everyone can afford to have a designer wardrobe, but having a few favorite brands in your wardrobe can make you look amazing.

At Clique Menswear we work with brands such as Replay, Police and Guess, which are brands that have excellent quality clothing.

When purchasing luxury items, you don't have to pick extravagant pieces, but you can wear classics that will stand the test of time!

2. When we use the word “matching” we probably think about matching your pants, jacket and shoes with the same colour. But what that’s not what we are looking for. It’s more about complementing colours, rather than matching them.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a really good way to combine your clothes like a monochromatic outfit, but while it seems like it takes less effort to get it right with monochrome outfits, it can be quite tricky to get it right, especially if you deviate from black and go for brighter, bolder, or light neutrals.

So our second tip at Clique menswear is that you know how to complement your colours using a colour wheel

Combine your clothes using the colour wheel